I found it, you! Sneaky it may be, but you don’t see me tossin’ arms and oatmeal about it. Good point though, it does go well with these links more than most forms of death.

Brian Despian – Robots and other Illustration like none other. Really, you may start to like robots and hat wearing fish again.
Learn an Instrument Online – Yes, as in music instruments. Guitar and drums. Now you actually have no excuses.
Make a DVD Case Hidden Cabinet – It’s the perfect size to hide your cat in when it’s being all cat like… or remote I guess.
Rollip.com – Create Polaroids? from your photos? YES.
Softslide – When you have to wear a wetsuit to fly 35 meters through the air, there’s awesomeness sure to ensue.
Steeetlights plus Bugs – Timelapsed video of buggies flying about under a streetlight. So beautiful, it almost makes you itch.
All You Can Jet – $599 to fly anywhere you want, as often as you like for a month. Pack Your bags.

From Twitter
greendrinks.org – Gone Green? Join others to gab about it over drinks. – via @jbaredesign
The 500bHP Lazareth – Bike? Car? Supersport Intensity. – via @Marijn1
15 Free Online Collaborative Tools – This should keep you busy for a while – via @liawoodward
How LCD’s Work – It’s technology – via @Ocell

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