The tips of ears twitched as the ground trembled and rolled. Folds of colored stone approached as if breathing days of old. And it was for, from the lungs of dust and dirt an amalgamate creature formed, fenced with sand and slivered bands, swiftly sliding, deftly slicing, into these links.

Jake Parker – So much awesome. You may have seen his illustration in storybooks. With more on his site, including fan art, viz dev and classes, you won’t be disappointed.
Sh*t Showreels Say – What are the magic elements of a good showreel that make them ever-so slightly annoying. Peter Quinn breaks it down in something of the same.
Oleg Oprisco – Quite the surreal feel in photography that brings an indescribable fairy-tale quality to the people and environment captured.
Culture charted – The most interesting video/animation I’ve seen this year, charting the location in birth, travel and death of notable people from 600 BC to present day.
Quotacle -This may be the best resource ever. Search and instantly watch movie quotes. How many times have you needed this??!
Disobedient Objects – Everyday objects turned into useful items, like a tear-gas mask and pamphlet bomb. Two how-to guides here.
Avoidance – About right.
LEGO HQ – Take a little tour of the brickmaker hq–Unusually organized with a lack of Legos strewn across the floor.
Tea Tea Tea – New from Chapelier Fou. A bit of violin, a bit of drum machine, a bit of… whatever that mask is.


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