Lately we’ve been seeing quite the interest from the general public when it comes to ‘what’s inside’ the many artifacts that make up our day-to-day lives.

Perhaps the best examples of this trend are the recent videos of objects being ‘shaved away’ one millimeter at time. While there are a few of them floating around out there, Waves of Grain and Verschleif have been making their way around for the past few weeks like wildfire…and it’s not surprising why: they’re dang cool to watch and informative at the same time.

While product designers can take a quick glance at an assembly through toggling some transparency settings in their favorite CAD program, it’s interesting to see these same views of actual products as they are in the real-world…manufacturing defects and all.

In ‘X-Rays of Toys’, photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick gives the viewer a closer look at what’s inside of these seemingly simple retro-futuristic and military toy designs:

f66ee7696acd743c0754470d59262078Space Fighter


90e3e9e668b9eb425e581d7a1dcc7ad0Android, Extraterrestrial

f78595e69b669685050aef528db4d91aHorned Robot

392b98e6f9620a8e6b91587f4d286deeF-22 Airplane

770cfa0ec9b94d69dd5e5afb22a1682eSuper F-15 Fighter Jet


a5ce4d122b2f19985869dc34f3dcde07Chinook Helicopter

b17c3ecfea520d1b7b0c2798a3a26432Ray Gun 06

370c1cdb117d7e743848fd5dc8624aabRay Gun 02

6561123be56374125c2cb9941a95c374Ray Gun 03

5158249ee70805480a61515fbe64d631Ray Gun 01

Fitzpatrick is also selling the prints for $25 a pop if you think a ray-gun would look good on your wall…and yes, it most certainly will.


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