Sticky, feathery little bundles with a smile. Yet, beneath their fluffy hull, lay a bony balls of stick and brier, shifting with mechanical steams that adjusted their grin and stepped them closer still. Kicking one, sent them all confused, bursting into these links.

Danny Gardner – Painterly illustration from car and characters to vehicles and ships with loads of concept sketches.
Levitation – Magnets. Awesome. CLM 2 magnetic levitation module from Crealev in action.
Coen Cast – You know the bros that bring the odd and enigmatic characters to many a film over the years, this is Richard Perez’s illustrated interpretation.
The Berrics – New montage from the crew, featuring Nate Pezzillo, Mark Suciu, Ishod Wair, the Jordan Trahan and so many others.
World Cup Cards – Looking forward to thee Futbol? Here is an illustrated rundown of the countries participating and they’re representative animal.
Ascension – Four days. A different city in Spain each day. Time-lapse goodness during Ascension week. Kicks in at 1:07.
NYC Train Project – A beautiful online gallery of subways stations in NYC from Adam Chang. Goes through the history and shows how they are both unique to the neighborhood and change over time.
Night Window – New poppiness from Young Liars that is totally gif-able. A bit more fun to listen the the song while the gif page is up.

D-Day As It Happened – On this day, June 6th 1944.


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