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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:


Wooden Sushi Set – You know you’ve always wanted to call yourself a sushi chef but you just don’t know where to start, so consider this wooden sushi kit from Japanese design firm PlaPlax! The Tsumiki-Sushi (Soo-Meekee) Set features 45 wooden blocks that resemble various types of rice, seaweed, and fish. Once assembled, the final set doesn’t look half-bad as a desk toy either. Handmade and available for 72 bucks over at!

X Table – And since we’re on the topic of well-designed wood objects, the X-Table from Mayice consists of just three pieces of wood that omit fasteners and adhesives in favor of a unique slot design. The finished table creates a workspace for two people while also allowing for a common shared area in the middle. Pretty nifty for just three pieces of wood! Check it out over at!


iOS 8 – Apple unveiled their latest iOS design makeover this past Monday that features a more Android-inspired user experience. The new iOS 8 will also feature the much-talked about HealthKit and HomeKit platforms for using your iOS device as an All-in-One remote for just about every dang thing. Along with the announcement of their new Swift programming language for iOS development, expect to see a lot more connected devices and apps that take advantage of the platform. Check out more at

Marco Polo – Are you one of those people who is constantly losing things around the house? Marco! Polo! is the new iPhone finding app that turns a potentially stressful situation into one of the world’s best pool games. When launched and operating in the background, the app intelligently responds to shouts of ‘Marco!’ with ‘Polo!’ until found. Pretty nifty way of creating a Find My iPhone app….check it out on iTunes for $.99!


Video Copilot Sci-Fi Effects Pack – If you’re like us, you’ve probably always wanted to see yourself in a Sci-Fi movie with a laser-blasting cats protecting the human race from a horde of shape-shifting alien-babies. Where to start? The cool kids over at Video CoPilot have just released a video that shows you how to convert a Nerf gun into a Sci-Fi blaster for video using their Sci-Fi inspired Adobe Plug-In kit. Featuring everything from robot and laser sounds to After Effects compositions, the kit features everything you need for easy-breezy, post-production of your Sci-Fi short. Check them out over at VideoCoPilot.Net.

DIY Wood Boats – Well, let’s admit: after fighting off all those alien-babies, you’ll probably want to relax in a boat, right? OH YES. Look no further than the DIY Wood Boat site that features everything from build plans for simple kayaks and canoes to even larger motor-powered boats. The site also includes everything you need to know about tools, material types, and even an advice section for all those burning boat-building questions! Check out more and get inspired for your summer project over at DIY-Wood-Boat.Com.


MIT’s Self-Assembling Robot – MIT is at it again, people. Researchers have created a way to create laser-cut patterns that, when exposed to heat, self-assemble themselves into three-dimensional robots!!!! We’ve seen similar self-assembling prints from MIT however this is the first time we’ve seen the application being used for something beyond a simple cube structure. Pretty cool! Check out more over at NewsOffice.MIT.Edu.

Dreamvendor – And finally, you can find just about anything in a vending machine these days ranging from DvD rentals and cupcakes to even undergarments and orange juice that is squeezed fresh in front of you. Well, pretty soon you’ll be able to add ‘3D Printing’ to that list as well. The DreamVendor is a 3D printing vending machine that is currently under a beta phase on the Virginia Tech campus. Featuring an SD card slot, a user can upload an STL file and print just like a traditional copy machine at your local FedEx Kinkos. Check out more over at VT.Edu.

And there you have it!

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