Have you ever wanted to actually interact with your 3D model? Sculpt its surface as if it was clay? Feel the response to bending your rubber do-hicky? How about have an snazzy-looking, aluminium 3D printer for less than $1000? Or, how about a low cost construction system without the need for specialty hardware? It may all be possible very soon through these three projects.

Haptic-controlled 3D modelling software

Anarkik3D is aiming to raise $120,000 via Indiegogo. These funds will go toward hiring two full-time programmers and complete the development of Cloud9, Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D CAD design program. In the words of Ann Marie Shillito, CEO and founder of Anarkik3D, they aim to make a program for designers, by designers. Fair enough – sign me up! The project has just launched raising $2,290 with 65 days left. A donation of $800 gets you Cloud9 plus a Falcon Haptic device. Check it out here.

SUMPOD Aluminum

Remember the SUMPOD? They’ve released another round of crowd funding for their Aluminum SUMPOD, which I might add, looks sexy as hell. The corners are fabulous – a lovely touch. A $799 pledge gets you a small Aluminum SUMPOD, and $1099 gets you a large one. If you aim to squirrel up a few 3D printers as Christmas presents, you could also drop $9,990 on a set of 10 large Aluminum SUMPODs. Yes, you could print all your stocking stuffers. If you want to make a donation, point your cursor here. The campaign ends April 26th!

Open Source Construction System

While were on the topic of Aluminum – Don’t you just love a good T-slot! I’ve seen them used for camera tripods, 3D printers, bike frames – they’re perfect for applications where sturdiness and customization are an absolute necessity. But they don’t come for cheap. Manufacturers sell extruded bars at a low price but keep specialized bolts and plate prices high. So Terence Tam of Redmond, WA created his own T-slot bar and joint-set that utilize standard 3mm hex bolts. A self-described tinkerer and engineer, Tam designed his T-slots with keeping costs as low as possible. So far he’s raised $62,180 of $30,000 – last day is April 29th. Right on Tam! Check out the project here.