Note/Warning: If you are looking into the purchase of this printer, be warned. The manufacturer has not delivered. Please read the comments below the article, before making a decision to send your money to Sumpod.

Fantastic technology has been cooking up on the other side of the pond. I’m talking specifically about the SUMPOD 3D printer. The desktop printer is designed, built and sold by Richard Sum of Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK. Another addition to the family of RepRap derived 3D printers, the SUMPOD features quite a few additions not found among its brethren. For instance, it features an attachment for a Dremel allowing light CNC routing and… get this, PCB making. One more step closer to self-replicating every part for another 3D printer. Amazing.

SUMPOD 3D printer

The SUMPOD features the latest RAMPs and Arduino Electronics, MDF frame construction, SD card slot, LCD screen and a respectable 150 x 150 x 100 mm print volume. Originally, Mr. Sum was selling the SUMPOD via funding rounds on Indiegogo. It is now available for $565 plus shipping at And soon, a larger SUMPOD will be available for preorder, featuring an impressive 300 x 250 x 200 mm print volume.

Now, these are all kits – no pre-built SUMPODs for sale yet. But fear not, the SUMPOD is backed with plenty of documentation. The instructions are incredibly detailed, with videos and pictures covering every aspect. There’s a robust wiki, thorough troubleshooting page and a healthy forum. SUMPOD has been designed to be expandable – a new dual extruder is available for pre-order right now. Hell, you can even choose your very own colour!

The SUMPOD seems like a great printer and a worthwhile buy for the DIY-er who would love to have a little CNC machine to boot and would also appreciate some detailed help putting it all together. I think the whole CNC/3D printing combination is RAD, with a capital R.A.D. Add or Subtract as you please!

Hat tip to Renaissance Engineer for Images.