Xometry is used to shakin’ things up a bit. And while they’ve got a fair amount of info on their Materials & Finishes and quite a few spec sheets, you may have wondered how their 3D print materials stand up to face-jiggling amounts of vibration and shock. Well, in a video that addresses conditions 3D print materials may face, they look at some of their 3D print materials and ask, “Will it Vibe?”

But wait, before you watch (or leave a pun in the comments), what’s your guess on the material(s) that will pass the 2-minute cantilever-beam style shock/vibration test? The test sample is a single, thin, small surface area print attached in a fixture to a 6 Amp Chicago Electric reciprocating saw with added weight approximately 4 inches from the fixed point. Nine rigid 3D print materials are tested:

  • Carbon DLS EPX
  • Carbon DLS FPU
  • Carbon DLS UMA
  • FDM Orange ASA
  • HP MJF Nylon 12
  • HP MJF GF Nylon 12
  • Nylon 12
  • SLA Accura 60
  • SLA Accura Extreme
YouTube video

Did it go the way you thought? Though it only looks at one condition and one part it, at least, provides a little insight into some 3D print material properties and capabilities. Besides, you likely have your own test plans and test rigs for vibration, shock, pull, or burn that your parts need to pass, especially for production parts. So, ya know, don’t be hatin’ on the vibin’.

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