SolidSmack readers are a rowdy, capable bunch, professionals in their field and able to take on just about any project. If any of these projects have called for a square hole, you’ve done your fair share of measuring twice and cutting once… then trimming a bit. But what if you could make that square cut in one fell swoop?

The Quadsaw mitigates the math and has you cutting cubes in no time. With a few of our crew in various stages of home renovation, it is hands-down one of our favorite tools, so we had to share their latest video and why we like it so much. Here it is in action:

YouTube video

Yeah, pretty tough, eh? As shown, you start by marking the center point of the hole. You then attach the Quadsaw to your drill, line up the drill bit with the center mark, and pull the trigger. It has an integrated level, can cut through drywall up to an inch thick, and even 1/2″ thick cement board.

YouTube video

The blades are designed for drywall only but, according to Quadsaw, more blade variations for materials such as wood, ceramic, and brick are in development.

Depending on the thickness of the sheetrock, it takes literally seconds to cut a perfect rectangular or square (aka, single or double gang) hole, a heck of a lot faster (and easier) than measuring, leveling, and cutting each hole individually. And, just to show they thought of everything, they have a dust extractor that connects the Quadsaw to a Shopvac (via the Quadsaw handle) to reduce the dust from your hole cutting frenzy.

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The drill needed for the Quadsaw is pretty standard — Any with no-load RPM between 1750-2500 with a universal ½-inch chuck will work or a drill driver that can have hammer/percussion mode switched off.

Now, a tool like this might seem excessive for cutting one hole, maaaaaybe even two, but where it comes in really handy is when you need to cut a whole lotta holes. The base price of $299 becomes much easier to justify as well when you’re cutting a lot of holes. Though the Quadsaw saves time when working with drywall, we’re looking forward to the availability of their other blades, especially the wood blade, which would not only save time but eliminate at least one power tool and multiple other hand tools.

You can find out more about the QUADSAW and its accessories on their official website.

YouTube video

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