Those of you who used to rely on training wheels know how invaluable they are. But now that you know how to ride a bike, how about learning some new bike tricks such as the wheelie stunt? Well, that seems tough. You’re probably wishing for a trainer specifically built for the job and thankfully, there is!

YouTuber The Q built a wheeling trainer with a mechanism following the similar concept of your old training wheels. Only, instead of riding on two wheels, it teaches you how to pop a rear wheelie. You can also build one. All you need is some wood, a disposable cycling trainer, and a strong adjustable strap.

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The Wooden Training Area

wheelie trainer

The wood is for, you guessed it, making a makeshift rear ramp. You’ll have to cut and shape a couple of planks into two triangular shapes and drill them towards the edge of a flat wooden board. The board will serve as your training space while the triangular ramps will hold a couple of extra training pieces.

The Cycling Mechanism

wheelie trainer

If you or your relatives happen to have an old cycling trainer lying about (let’s be honest, you only use it to hang clothes anyway), take the gear mechanism apart and attach it on top of one of the triangular ramps.

The Wheel Roller

wheelie trainer

The gear mechanism is connected to quite possibly the most important part of this build: the wheel roller. This fancy-sounding part is actually just a piece of PVC pipe fitted onto a metal rod with some wood and nuts.

wheelie trainer

Attaching a bicycle gear on the same side as the gear mechanism will allow you to run a chain on both pieces. The wheel roller’s purpose is just that: to provide your bike with a platform to spin on whilst you’re practicing your wheelies.

Attaching the Bike

wheelie trainer

In order to secure your bike to the trainer, you’ll have to create a makeshift rod that can fit on the end of your bike. Slap this baby on top of your triangular ramp and you’ll be good to go!

Add In a Front Strap

wheelie trainer

You can definitely use this ramp with just the rear support, but The Q added in a strap on the front wheel to prevent the bike from toppling backward. Considering the majority of users of this wheelie trainer will be novices, I think it’s a great addition to the build.

wheelie trainer

With this, you can practice your wheelies safely and in the privacy of your own home. Once you’ve got the trick down, you can actually flip your bike around and practice doing front wheelies on the trainer! Your friends will never see you take a fall ever again!


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