The popularization of computers and modern printers since the 1980s has clearly resulted in a slow death for typeset printing from the mainstream realm – yet the appeal of letterpress printing over the years has ensured that it lives on.

In the case that you love the charm of letterpress prints (admit it – you do), the wooden letterpress type sets from the Virgin Wood Type Manufacturing Company provide an impressive variety of typeface, font and design options for those looking to step into this alluring and artful printing method.

Created by late Bill Jones and Geri McCormick in 2010, the company has been carving hard maple into beautiful types ever since. The pantograph-cut, hand finished fonts the company offers are created using hard Maple wood.


Currently, the company offers 23 font types ranging from Victorian to contemporary designs. The typical type height is .921 inch and the blocks are fabricated along the end grain.


If getting started in wood type is something that’s been on your list for awhile now, it’s hard to knock the Virgin Wood Type Manufacturing as the place to start.