Sure, you can ask your grandmother about it, but I’m certain her explanation of how cookie cutters are made won’t be as relaxing (or intriguing) as the “making of” videos from

This family-owned and operated business may not sell actual cookies, but their love for the baking craft shows through in their various baking accessories, and yes, their cookie cutters.

While they manufacture your traditional gingerbread man and Christmas tree-shaped cutters, they also have cutters shaped liked dolphins, hamburgers, and even the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

And how do these cookie cutters get made, you ask?

Why, by pressing steel ribbons onto uniquely-shaped molds!


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We call him Moose!

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Simple shapes like roosters and pilgrim hats are usually hand-pressed, while complex shapes such as reindeer and gingerbread men require a more mechanical approach. But no matter the shape, the mold is put in the firing range of many presses which push the metal into place. After all the presses have been set into the mold, the metal is removed, and the sheet ends are joined to form a finished cookie cutter. regularly posts videos of their cookie cutter pressing processes on Facebook and Instagram. And why wouldn’t they? Apart from providing educational fodder for teachers to show their students in class, the videos are downright relaxing. There’s just something about seeing hardened metal sheets getting easily pressed into family-friendly shapes which sets your mind at ease.


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