Have you ever fancied building and fly your own model aircraft? Well nowadays its more possible than ever, and even on the cheap! If you hop over to FliteTest.com you’ll find a massive collection of  DIY aircraft projects. But before doing that, let’s step into the workshop at Flite Test (via Youtube) and see one of the gangs recent builds, a massive 8-foot wingspan A-10 Warthog from Dollar Store Foamboard! Let’s have a look at the build process and see what we can learn.

YouTube video

The Vision

Build a massive plane capable of being outfitted with airsoft technology. Yep, that’s right, once all the kinks are worked out with the plane itself it will be outfitted with an airsoft gun. So this A-10 Warthog will be pack’in high-tech spitwad artillery! This is not new for the Flite Test crew as they got one airsoft equipped aircraft under their belt with the Kraken Gunship build.airsoft gunship kraken

The Build Process

The A-10 Warthog is actually the initial design layout is the handy work of  Andres a high school student who has designed multiple planes (X29, P40, Sea Angel & Goblin) in collaboration with Flite Test.

Here’s a big shot out to Andres for his digital skills and overall creative talent!

CAD screenshot-00

Andres used CAD (program not specified) to develop his design and create flat pattern layouts.

Each piece later would be cut out via laser cutter.

The excitement was high over the success of the A10 Warthog build. Next step Airsoft gun integration. Stay tuned!


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