As far as ‘Behind the Design’ and DIY videos go, whoever is operating behind the scenes at Inspire to Make has done an exceptional job of crafting and communicating the steps for unique projects without overestimating people’s short YouTube attention span these days.

In fact, this recently-released video of Inspire to Make’s latest DIY project has garnered so much attention that the YouTube comments have exploded with purchase requests leading them towards literally having to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to handle the requests.

As for the upcycled headphone design itself, the process of cutting and polishing new metal housings for an otherwise generic pair of in-ear headphones is mesmerizingly simple…both in theory and in process. Yet, there will always be people who want to skip to the front of the line and just purchase a well-crafted product rather than have to make it themselves, as evidenced on the Inspire to Make blog:

“Hey Guys! Thank you so much for your interest…the only way I can manage that many orders is to organize a Kickstarter campaign. How many of you would be interested to make a preorder?”

If Kickstarter has been considered the best way to launch a product with little-to-no startup capital, then creating a DIY video of a concept and gathering Kickstarter preorder interest is quite possibly the new best way of launching a product with little-to-no capital. Not to mention, the method of manufacturing transparency adds a nice touch for generating faith in fulfillment.

If nothing else, the high production level and snappy instructional nature of the video is excellent and worth a watch:

YouTube video











In case you’re interested in finding out more on the instructions or purchasing an already-made pair, head over to the Inspire to Make blog to stay updated.


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