Remember Stemi? The six-legged, build-it-yourself robot removes the complexity of building such a machine, offering a building experience that requires no soldering and detailed videos that teach how to use each part.

Their Indiegogo campaign was a huge success, it’s been on multiple ‘Best Robot Kits for Kids’ lists and there’s been a waiting list… until NOW. Now the kit is available in their shop, where they’re offering free shipping and a 10% pre-order discount code (iwantmystemi).

It’s completely open-source and built on Arduino compatibility. The video tutorials covering everything from the 3D modeling and electronics to the math and mobile app programming. I’ve been waiting for the Stemi Hexapod to become available and I’m so glad it finally is.

The full price is $360, but the discount and free shipping will put the kit in your hands for $324. If you think this is expensive, take a look at some of the prices for similar bots on You can get an overview of the build, features and capabilities on the Stemi website.


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