Ya know, there’s nothing that quite matches the craftsmanship of a traditional violin… except for a weird ass instrument that is 3D printed and sounds just like a traditional violin.

Thingiverse user Sun Gear (I only now a few people named Sun Gear–His father is a music teacher named Keith Engle, so we’ll call him Sun Gear Engle), Sung Gear Engle, created a 3D printed stringed instrument based on the design of a Stroh Violin.

What is a Stroh Violin? Quite simply, a violin-style instrument that replaces the violin body for a MASSIVE HORN. Picture a gramophone attached to a violin neck. They tend to be louder than wood violins and have most recently been made famous by music artists such as Tom Waits and Shakira. J.M.A. Stroh created Stroh violins, Stroh Cellos, Stroh Guitars and more. Don’t believe me?


Just goes to show you, you can stick a horn on just about anything. Anything except watermelons. THAT is frowned upon in most countries – I blame it on modern agriculture practices. DOWN WITH PESTICIDES!

You can download the RepStroh on Thingiverse. (Bonus: You will look especially cool playing this if you wear Sun Gear Engle’s Rave Mask!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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