Remember the crew over at iGo3D who just opened up their fancy-schmancy brick and mortar store? Well, it seems that little opening is all part of bigger plans to have exclusive launch parties for new and improved 3D printers. This Friday, they will throw another shin-dig, teaming up with Ultimaker, to launch the Ultimaker 2. And, even though you’re not in Northern Germany, they’re making it possible for you to be part of all the fun.

The Ultimaker 3D Printer is one of our favs, so we’re excited to see what they have in store and what improvements they’ll be revealing. Ultimaker has been quiet about anything while rumors spread about what they may be announcing. All they’ve let out thus far is a thought-provoking question via Twitter and Facebook, “What if you could press a button and simply walk away” and this image (of the new Ultimaker 2 LCD screen?)…


Be part of the party

The event will stream live on YouTube via Google Hangouts, Friday September 20, 2013 at 20:00 CEST (2:00pm EDT). The Ultimaker² will be unboxed with a hands-on session, discussing the latest technologies being developed by Ultimaker, including the new open source 3d model platform

Sign up today for the live event by sending an email to: iGo3D will send out the Live-URL for streaming prior the broadcast. What’s are your guesses about the new Ultimaker? Dual extruder? Heated bed? What do you want to see?

*Update 1 – Sept. 16, 2013*
No photos or video, but Ultimaker just posted the announcement and specs on their blog (Thanks David!!):

With great pleasure, I am allowed to say: ‘Yes, Ultimaker² exists!!!’
It will be launched at the NewLab Brooklyn Navy Yard, Maker Faire New York, iGO3D store in Germany and The BIBA awards at Manchester. Ultimaker² will be traveling with us across the world to various other events like TCT, Maker Faire Rome and 3D Print Show. Come meet us there and get your first glimpse of this wonderful machine….

To make a proper start I will share some specs with you:

  • The Ultimaker² produces only 49 decibels of sound (three times a whisper).
  • Printing envelope is 226 x 226 x 206 mm ( 8.9×8.9×8.1 inches) – Printer size: 358 x 338 x 389 mm( 4.1×13.3×15.3 inches )
  • Pro electronics, all the electronic parts are combined into one reliable and steady board.
  • A heated bed.
  • A heated bed. It is so good, I have mentioned it twice.

*Update 2 – Sept. 20, 2013*
The Ultimaker 2 is out. iGo3D had the full reveal at their Germany store and a great set of comparison shots between the Ultimaker 1 and 2.

Heated bed! new extruder! new hotend! new pro electronics! new OLED Controller! new LED Lights! new Clickwheel! Ultra high print resolution (20microns)! super fast (up to 300mm/sec)! very quiet! WLAN-Printing with Raspberry Pi! CE-Certification!



And the new Ultimaker 2 page provides all the details, that it ‘will remain open source’, improved electronics, larger build ratio 9230 x 225 x 205 mm build area), and improved speed (30 – 300 mm/s) and quality (up to 20 micro/0.02mm), including the price, starting at €1.895,00 ($2,563).



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