When it comes to machining, there’s more than a handful of tricks for getting jaw-dropping results with some clever problem solving; after all, that’s sort of what the skill is about in the first place. But when it comes to using the various tools in a machinist’s workshop for creating complete mind-bending objects, that’s when things start to get really interesting.

Among others, a recent YouTube upload from user “Инженер BrunS” has had many scratching their heads over the past couple of days.

The Russian machinist – who has provided all of the necessary elements that make for a crazy Russian YouTube video including techno music and heavy metal – has somehow been able to create a cube within a cube within a cube using just a single lathe and some carefully selected tooling bits.

“I have never heard of somebody manufacturing a cube in a cube using only a lathe as (an indicator) of their ability (as a) turner,” he says (translated for clarity).

“In fact, the production is not very difficult – although it requires some experience. In this video I filmed the process of creating two cubes within a cube (none of which can be extracted from the other).”

YouTube video

If anybody with a lathe in their workshop is looking to kill some extra time this weekend, perhaps consider upping the “Cube Challenge” by creating a cube within a cube within a cube within a cube?