It was a long corridor woven with vines and beast furs, damp yet glittered with the lightening all around. Who would they find? The one they sought. Dry, old, stacked between the vines and threads of times feeding on the sap of these links.

Tianhua Xu – Odd creatures and trees, but mostly the trees are what makes Tianhua’s scenes stand out. Lots of trees.

Thigh art – Jody Steel is the master of ink and putting wonderful visages of characters, places and things on people’s thighs.

Pendulum Wave – Sixteen bowling ball pendulum where a longer pendulum will take longer to complete one cycle than a shorter pendulum – just watch.

How old – How old do you look? I’m sorry.

Pablo – Pablo the Flamingo no like it when you turn off the music. Headphones recommended for nsfw language.

Life with smartphones – Bout right.

Epic Texas – Hiking spots that add to the list of reasons why Texas is awesome. Time to get outside.

Tomahawk vs. Tomahawk – Watch the boys from Baltimore Knife Co. forge two very different Tomahawks.

Traveling Toaster – Carl Zoch’s adventures as captured by his camera after selling his stuff, moving into a Honda Element and driving all over God’s green (and sometime’s not so green) Earth.

Archidesign – Federico Babina has created the most splendid posters featuring famous designers. I’ll take one of each.

Hypnotik – Keys N Krates only uses drums, keys, a turntable, and live sampling to create their music. This is the video from their new EP, and it is.

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