At its core, billiards (or pool – as the cool kids like to call it) is just a game about simple geometry. Once you understand how the balls move and react on a flat rectangular plane, you can pull off some sick moves by bouncing them off of walls and into each other.

While the premise is simple, the execution is rather challenging. It takes a lot of practice to master billiards on a standard table. With this, why not put all that hard work into something which flips the odds in your favor?

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This elliptical table created by The Q doesn’t exactly fit standard pool dimensions, but it will make sure every strike you make results in a dropped ball. The design is quite simple, but the methods The Q used to create it are quite thrifty and ingenious.

eliptical pool table

For instance, did you know you could trace a perfect circle with just two nails and a piece of string? By using the nails as anchors, you can draw a circle without using a stencil or compass.

eliptical pool table

Once the pool table is cut, he used the hole left behind as a guide for the border. He measured the dimensions with a compass and cut a slightly larger circle than the first.

eliptical pool table

Even the excess felt left from covering the pool table didn’t go to waste. Since the amount of leftover cloth more or less managed to fit the measurements of the border, The Q just made a few adjustments so that he could staple it properly.

eliptical pool table

Apart from the wood and the felt, the only other materials The Q used for this project were some rubber strips glued to the table border and a plastic circular outline for the hole.

After all the process, you can see the table itself is propped up using two wood planks and a wooden recess below feeds the dropped ball back to the player.

eliptical pool table

As long as you aren’t inebriated or have the arm strength of a newborn baby, every shot you make results in a ball falling into the hole. The table might not conform to the standard pool table standards, but when you’re hitting shots left and right, does it really matter?


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