You’ve been told time and time again how riding a bike can be beneficial for both the environment and your health. But if you’re not inclined to strap into the pedals for a pedal-pusher first thing in the AM, why not turn to an electrified solution? As Russian online power tool store Kuvalda shows in a recent marketing video, all it takes is strapping a Dewalt power screwdriver to the wheels of a conventional bike and voila, your commute is now 100%-exercise free.

Taking a closer look at the DIY e-bike, you can see it is made from welded pipes and what I can only assume are recycled bicycle parts (the handle and seat, specifically). Seeing as you don’t need to manually turn the wheels, the pedals have also been removed in favor of a couple of improvised pipe footrests.

screwdriver e-bike

What’s most intriguing is the “engine” powering the bike. Instead of a normal bicycle gear shift, there are a set of gears at the back that transfer the power drill’s energy into the bike’s wheels. Squeezing the handles turns on the drill, while letting go of them effectively turns off the power system.

It looks as though there isn’t a brake system in place for this prototype, as the rider is always stopping the bike using his feet. Since this bike was made as an experiment and not as a vehicle you might actually take on the road, it’s totally fine that they scrimped on some safety features for the meantime.

screwdriver e-bike

Head over to Kuvalda’s Instagram page to see more entertaining uses for power tools that just might intrigue you enough to create your own bonkers e-bike or other off-kilter projects.


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