That Xometry, they’re just not satisfied to bring you nearly every mill, print, metal, and mold option available. They had to go and bag a partnership with Carbon — you know, the company that dropped jaws with their breakthrough CLIP tech that prints high-res parts 25-100x faster.

Yeah, well, if you’ve seen a Carbon printer, drooled a bucket over the results, but are not quite ready to pony up $50k/year for a Carbon M2 DLS 3D Printer subscription, Xometry just made it possible for the cost of using their manufacturing on-demand service and hearing your boss giggle with delight. Teehee!

From the press release:

Customers can now get an instant quote, design feedback, and lead times for parts produced with Carbon DLS™ technology through the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine℠. Carbon DLS™ uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce products with end-use durability, resolution and surface finish.

Xometry has seven material options for Carbon DLS prints and multiple material finish options to boot. In less than a minute, I uploaded a .step file to their Instant Quote Engine and got a quote for a print (plus delivery options) using a printer I’ve longed to use but never had access to.

Xometry File Support
Xometry support 100MB uploads for file types: STEP (.step, .stp), SOLIDWORKS (.sldprt), Mesh (.stl), Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b), Autodesk Inventor (.ipt), Dassault Systems (.3dxml, .catpart), PTC, Siemens (.prt), ACIS (.sat).

After a combined $118M raised in venture capital, that includes their latest Series D amount of $55M, it’s clear Xometry is upending the thoughts around on-demand manufacturing. They’ll be launching in Europe and no doubt adding more capabilities to their already vast repertoire of material manufacturing might. Keep an eye on these peeps.


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