We may still be quite a few years off from the Mattel hoverboard we were “promised” after multiple viewings of Back to the Future (sorry, self-balancing two-wheeled millennial movers don’t count), but that hasn’t stopped many of us from dreaming.

Among others, London-based animator Garth Lee has taken the obsession to a new level and has laid out how the boards could be manufactured – starting with a raw material and ending with mannequin legs testing the boards for stability.

Although he created his original isometric hoverboard factory animation to celebrate the return of Marty McFly back on October 21st, 2015, he decided to bring it back this week with all-new shots and a faded 1980s beige aesthetic to really bring the whole VHS vibe together.

Says Lee:

“Since such a large amount of work went into modelling and animating all the machines, I really wanted to create another piece that really shows them off.”

The original isometric hoverboard factory animation:

Check out more of Lee’s impressive animation work by heading over to his studio, Scorchmotion.


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