Remember a whole two days ago when we told you Carbon introduced the M1 3D Printer? Well, we just had word that Dr. Joseph DeSimone, Chemist, Inventor, and CEO/Co-Founder of Carbon, will be the leading keynote of the Inside 3D Printing, New York, event next week.

You’ll have to make it in early though. The morning keynote kicks the day’s activities off Monday, April 11th, at 9 AM sharp. We’re not sure on his beatboxing skills, but he will talk about the M1, their CLIP technology, and the future in a presentation called “A Future Fabricated with Light”. Sounds like an interesting future. Bright, so to speak. HAA!

We’ve told you about the Inside 3D Printing event in New York and how big it has become. Dr. DeSimone’s keynote is actually one among six that will feature additional CEO, presidents and experts in the various 3D printing topics of the conference.

Everything kicks off this Sunday, April 10th with a slew of workshops throughout the day. Each workshop is a deep dive into the tools and techniques people use to do what they do with 3D printing technology. They’ll have workshops on adopting 3D printing technologies, dealing with IP issues, 3D printing platforms, applications of direct metal printing and a lot more. Additional workshops, keynotes and talks on specific tracks of manufacturing, medical, metal and business will continue over the three-day event

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