According to designers Piergiorgio Robino and Andrea Sanna of Italy-based Studio Nucleo, the best way to learn about an object is to construct it yourself. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more. But what about growing an object yourself? Robino and Sanna’s TERRA! Growing Furniture collection might be a good place to start.

Having originally appeared at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2000, the living grass furniture collection since went on tour around the world at various high design events. Now, the industrial designers want everybody to be able to grow their own grass furniture and have turned to Kickstarter to launch their TERRA! Growing Furniture Kits.

Made with support from a flatpack laser cut cardboard frame, the grass armchair is meant to be used as a true living object that is cared for as you normally would grass. Meaning, the end result of the TERRA! furniture depends wholeheartedly on the dedication and attention that the end user commits to it:

“There is no greater form of intimacy with an object than to be its creator,” explain the designers. “TERRA! is not a finished product; it is an idea. We provide the cardboard frame – the main ingredient – and the dirt can be found everywhere on our planet. The armchair will be born in your garden.”



Starting at $100 for early backers of the Kickstarter campaign, the cardboard TERRA! armchair frame (there are also limited quantities of larger furniture pieces including a full-sized sofa) will load soil easily and help provide the structure for laying your own grass seeds.

If you’ve been considering giving your backyard a facelift for those late summer BBQs, this is one conversation starter that isn’t soon going anywhere. Find out more over at Kickstarter.


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