I’m not sure if the following is pure genius or if it goes too far. Who am I kidding! 3D printed guitar bodies in the shape of spiderwebs and the brachy environment of butterflies, beetles and bugs. They’ve gone too far and that’s exactly why it’s pure genius.

3D Printed Guitars

The Spider and Scarab guitars are the creation of Design Engineer and professor of mechtronics and Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, Olaf Diegel. From his site:

ODD designs products that explore the limits of 3D printing technologies and applications. 3D printing allows designs to be manufactured that could not be manufactured through traditional means.

(pssst! By the way, if you’re looking for an outlet to create absurd 3D prints, check out the EvD Makerbot absurd iPhone accessory contest! Do it!)

ODD via Gizmag / BornRich


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