Ah, the shower – the last bastion of human privacy. In it, relief is attained, life-changing decisions are made, and some of the best acoustics can be found.

Anyone can be whoever they want to be in the shower, even a Grammy-award winning singer. So why not up the ante and add some tunes during your private time?

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Shower Power by Ampere is the first speaker built especially for shower time. Installing one to the side of your showerhead takes the water flowing through the system and uses it to rotate an internal impeller inside the Shower Power speaker. This impeller is connected to a mini-generator which provides power to the device’s Lithium-ion battery. This powers Shower Power, letting you listen to your favorite tunes, videos, and podcasts as you take a shower.

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Turning on your shower automatically starts Shower Power’s charging capabilities as well as the speaker itself. Depending on the water flow, your shower can generate anywhere from 150-200mA of power to charge the battery.

You can listen through the Shower Power for up to 170 hours straight whilst water is running through it, though I’m pretty sure your skin will be all wrinkly once you get out after such a long shower. More practically however, it takes 14-16 hours to fully charge and you can listen to it for up to 14 hours without any water running.

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If you’re wondering if the Shower Power affects the strength of your water flow or your water usage, it doesn’t. There is no need to remove the device once it’s installed; just think of it as an extension to your showerhead.

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You can control Shower Power using your Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices or by using the control panel found at the bottom (there’s even a waterproof remote for certain backers who pick the option). If the Shower Power’s 40 mm 5W speaker isn’t enough for your entire bathroom, it can be paired with Ampere’s Droplet mini Bluetooth waterproof speaker so you can up the surround sound.

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Shower Power is made using 100% recycled ocean plastic and each device is estimated to consist of around 15 recycled plastic bottles. Seeing as the Shower Power connects to a water source, the plastic compound it is made out of is made to be waterproof, durable, and 99.9% antimicrobial.

If you like singing in the shower just like everyone else, be sure to check out Shower Power on Kickstarter, where it currently has a funding of $89,577 USD (way more than its initial $15,000 goal).


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