I normally don’t use laptop sleeves because, apart from making me look like a snobby, over-age yuppie, they don’t do much else. But that may change with this particular sleeve.

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At first glance, the Silviano looks as hoity-toity as laptop sleeves get. It’s made from genuine vegan leather sourced from India, which is naturally tanned before it’s dyed. The sleeve is colored using an Italian technique known as Tamponata, which is a hand finishing technique where pressure is applied to the different layers to give the leather its worn appearance. Looking beyond its leathery exterior, you’ll find a sleeve filled to the brim with design features you never knew you needed in a laptop case:

Pockets Galore


Most laptop sleeves only have room for your laptop and a couple of this items, but the Silviano has dedicated slots and pockets for just about anything.

Over at the front you’ve got card slots with RFID lining to protect your important cards from theft, a keyring for your office and car keys, pockets for earphones, pens, USB flash drives, and a couple of other small belongings.

There is even a zip pocket with compartments for your phone and other electronically powered devices. This is also where the wireless powerbank is located, which brings me to…

Wireless Charging


Instead of carrying a separate power bank in your bag, you can dump your smartphone, laptop, Nintendo Switch, and yes, even your laptop inside one of the Silviano’s pockets to have it charge wirelessly.

The sleeve comes with a built-in 10W, 8000 mAh wireless powerbank which you can recharge for unlimited uses. Up to three devices can be charged simultaneously and yes, this includes a variety of Apple and Android products.

Sleeve Tracking


Seeing as you’ll be paying at least $70 for one of these sleeves, it’s a good thing the Silviano comes with a voice-activating feature and Bluetooth tracker. Thanks to a partnership with tracking company Chipolo, an app on your phone allows you to track where you last left your laptop sleeve.


All you have to do is tap the button on your phone or set a voice command and your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri will let you know where you left it. If you’re in the mood for an Easter egg hunt, they can even ring it up for you to easily find.

In case you’re habitually forgetful, the tracking app will also let you set alerts to remind you to never forget your expensive leather sleeve. Even after all this and you still lose your Silviano sleeve, you can mark it as lost in the app and hopefully some like-minded Silviano Samaritan will find and bring it back to you.


The Silviano is currently live on Indiegogo and has exceeded its initial $6500 goal by nearly 500% (it currently has funding of over $31,000). You can find more details on this sleek laptop sleeve (and maybe even get an early bird price) on its Indiegogo page.

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