Logging into Shapeways last week was a bit disconcerting – almost made me think I was at the wrong website. Shapeways has completely revamped the look and feel of their site, their logo and their interface. The reason? Evolution we suppose. As Shapeways begins to offer more materials, higher quality and a better platform for its community, the site must change as well. What about the logo? What’s the story there?

The spark. It appears late at night, in a daydream, while doing a million other things. It often scurries across the forefront of your mind when you least expect it. But that fleeting spark, that spark has the potential to turn into a design, a product, a company, a community.

How to Change your Look and Not Lose Friends

They even made a nice PDF file explaining the new Shapeways ‘Look and Feel’.  For nascent social networking and online stores, radical departures from original layouts can drive away users *cough* *cough* digg.com or myspace.com *cough*. Koodos to Shapeways for laying it out for us. The new ‘Titillium’ typeface takes on an anthropomorphic state, introducing itself as ‘titulating font in bold’. Arial is the substitute font, filling in when the titulating Titillium cannot.

The colours, the logos, the whole style speaks to the 21st century hyper-connected consumer. That blue is so soothing. While you’re trying to wrap your head around how 3D printing works, the blue calms you down. “I don’t understand how this works, but I like what they make. Maybe I’ll just buy one? or… make my own… yeah, I could do that.” Cheers to Shapeways on the launch of their new site. We know all that goes into it.

Via Shapeways blog