Love steam power? I know, stupid question. Who DOESN’T love steam power. Well, it just so happens that Open Source Ecology is looking for a saavy Project Manager type for their Steam Power initiative. If you recall, Open Source Ecology is the group creating the Global Construction Kit, 50 different industrial machines to make DIY civilization more efficient. It’s a cool project, one we fully support and one you can be a part of as well.

Open Source Steam Power

OSE is thriving on the network and support of farmers, engineers and those interested in building the machines to make building possible. The ability to create energy from a modernized approach to steam power is a key ingredient to the off-grid endeavor.

“We are aiming to document if modern biomass power would be capable of powering modern civilization. Our goal is to integrate modern steam engines with solar concentrators to make renewable energy a feasible option in modern society.”

As a project manager, you wold be involved in everything from developing a Biomass Pelletizer to integrating a generator, all from the standpoint of creating a completely modular, open system that can be easily built, repaired and transported. Sounds like a wonderfully challenging opportunity. To find out more head over to the project description page.


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