Out of all the things I’ve wanted to line my desk, hallway, car dash and gold-plated cage of wild hogs with, brightly colored 3D printed pigs is 4th on the list. Shapeways has now made that easier.

Just today, Shapeways launches Color it! making it possible for you or your little ones to color a 2D image of an oinker, upload and print a colorful masterpiece onto a spectacular sculpture of a 3D printed swine. It’s all done using their full-color sandstone material. But that’s not all they’ve got going on. Interested in a gold-plated pig?

Color it!
Who wouldn’t have fun doing this. For USD $57 a pop, you and your coworkers can totally charge that to the company’s IT budget for pursuing interests in new technology. Here’s how it works.
Download a coloring sheet… Color your Shapeways pig… Upload your pig… Print your pig… Easy a pork pie.

Gold plating
The gold plating special for Shapeways stainless steel objects is going on until the end of May. So, pretty much, it’s time to upgrade all the steel you’re wearing to really show people what you’re worth and that you are also comfortable with wearing gold. If you’re not plating that pig up above it’s fairly cheap. For instance, the Polyoptic Ring by Euphy below would cost USD $25.


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