It’s shoes like these that make me wish I was a girl assassin 500 years in the future. For Janina Alleyne the future is now and she’s making here shoe designs happen with the help of a very talented modeler and a good dose of 3D printed precision. The Exoskeleton is just one of here shoe designs making the rounds in the 3D print scene. But, as you may know, there’s always more to the story. So, we caught up with Janina to find out more.

Janina Alleyne Footwear Design

Janina Alleyne is a footwear Designer from Warwickshire, United Kingdom. However, that’s not how it started. “I have come from a fashion background originally studying fashion design at University. Janina says, “During this time in a group project, I was allowed the chance to create some shoe prototypes and this is where my love of shoes began. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit the eccentric designs in my head, into the structure of a shoe, which has so many more restrictions compared to that of clothing. It was almost instantly after this work that I left my fashion course and joined the Footwear Design course at DeMontfort university.”

After requesting a shoe modeler on Shapeways, Inner Leaf won the commission, using Lightwave to model the Exoskeleton and two other shoes designed by Janina.

Where does she get here inspiration? There are of course the fashion and apparel designers like Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler, but for the shoes, “Inspiration [was] drawn from the architectural structure and silhouettes of external skeletons of marine invertebrates, creatures and insects. Using the advanced technology of 3D Printing these fluid anatomical shapes will not only be translated visually but also in the design process.”

3D printed apparel isn’t unheard of these days, but it’s apparent that it has allowed Janina Alleyne to explore ideas that would not otherwise be possible. You can view her online portfolio at Coroflot and see more images of 3D models on the Inner Leaf Portfolio at Shapeways. More shots of the incredible shoe designs below.


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