Having featured his designs at over 16 international design exhibitions since he started studying product design nearly five years ago, young South Korean industrial designer Seungji Mun has shown no signs of slowing down his hustle. The designer, who attended the Kaywon School of Art and Design in South Korea and graduated in 2012, has focused a large amount of his efforts on creating furniture designs that oftentimes carry two functions – such as an extensive focus on hybrid human/pet furniture as well as flat-pack designs for shipping efficiency.

More recently, the designer has been focusing his efforts on further developing a previous furniture design concept from his Four Brothers Collection – a set of four chairs that could be made using one 4ft x 8ft sheet of plywood. In addition to designing the four chairs themselves, Mun also designed a system in which a customer could pick any combination of the four chairs in the collection and they would still be able to be made from the same single sheet of plywood with zero waste material using a CNC mill.

For the second generation of his Four Brothers concept, Mun has designed a new chair that – similar to his original goal of producing zero waste material – is capable of being mass produced while leaving behind zero waste from a single sheet of plywood. Unlike the first generation of his collection, the Economical Chair incorporates an extensive amount of time-consuming wood bending processes that elevate the design to an arguably higher level than before.










Be sure to see the rest of Mun’s work over at his site.


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