I don’t know about you guys, but I still keep a piggy bank around to store my coins. There’s something cathartic about having a place to store loose change and seeing how much you are able to save once the container gets full and it’s time to pop that piggy.

They can dress it up all they want, but we all know the Revov Coin Storage by Mordeco is just a fancy piggy bank. It’s definitely stylish, mind you, but it’s still a piggy bank nonetheless:


At first glance, the Revov Coin storage looks like a wooden container you use for dumplings. But the telltale hole at the top gives away its true purpose.

revov coin storage

The funnel-like beach wood top allows you to dump your coins, dice, and other small knick-knacks effortlessly into the storage container which measures 4.4 inches in diameter and 3.14 inches in height. The aluminum body can hold up to an estimated 250-350 coins before needing to be emptied, but when you do need to empty it – oh boy – you are going to have so much fun!

revov coin storage

You see, the wooden top connects to the aluminum body via a magnetic rotating mechanism. This allows the lid to “float” above the container and makes it easy for you to slide it open to get those sweet, sweet coins inside.  


Based on images and videos, the magnetic rotating mechanism looks ridiculously addictive to play around with. Once you slide it away, there seems to be a soft stopper that keeps the lid in place, giving the lid this bouncing effect as it locks into its proper position. You can definitely spend countless minutes just fiddling with the top without having to drop any coins inside!

revov coin storage

The Revov Coin Storage is currently live on Kickstarter, where it currently has funding of USD $29,700 (the initial goal was to raise USD $5,000).

What’s strange is you can already buy this coin storage in limited quantities online via the Mordeco webpage for USD $49. Just make sure you don’t keep this piggy bank anywhere near the dinner table when ordering Chinese food, lest someone open it for some dumplings and be met with metallic disappointment.


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