Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos aren’t the only renegades out there building rockets.

“Mad” Mike Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who apparently has had enough of driving on land and has set his sights to the stars.

The ‘Flat-Earther’ has spent the past few years using his self-taught knowledge of rocket science to create a steam-powered scrap metal rocket that will theoretically propel him 1,800 feet into the sky and help him discern whether the Earth is flat or not. Yes, folks—this is for reals.

The maiden flight will be conducted by Hughes himself as he flies over the ghost town of Amboy, California on November 28 at a predicted speed of 500 mph. The project cost him roughly $20,000, which includes a modified motor home he repurposed to serve as a ramp and a bright red paint job for the rocket (because we all know painting rockets red makes them go faster).

While most people would think Mad Mike a tad bit… mad, he does have some experience with flying rockets. His first manned rocket flight took place back in 2014 over Winkelman, Ariz. The rocket traveled 1,374 feet before landing and resulted in Mad Mike being incapacitated for two weeks.

This obviously wasn’t enough to stop him from trying again – this time with a bigger goal in mind. If he manages to survive the first flight (and that’s a great big “IF”), Mad Mike plans to improve the rocket to break through the planet’s atmosphere – where he will take photographic evidence of the Earth’s real shape.

Here’s to hoping he finds what he is looking for.

Find out more over at MadMikeHughes.com.


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