When it comes to manufacturing supercars, keeping every last detail in the manufacturing process organized beyond the levels of normal human brain capacity is of the utmost importance in order to deliver a quality product.

The same can be said about any product, really…but when you’re both paying as much as it costs for a house and traveling at hundreds of miles an hour, those details really start to make sense with supercars.

Leave it up to McLaren and their Woking, UK facility to set the perfect example of such a place.

The facility, which is located an hour southwest of London, is where the company designs and produces their 650s and P1 hybrid hyper cars.

Over 800 skilled workers participate in the design and production of the 650s and P1 cars, with a new car joining the line every 45 minutes and a 5-day build time per car. Considering that the 650s starts at $256,000 and the P1 at over $1 million, a five-day build time from initial assembly to final (and dry) paint is insanely productive.

650sMcLaren 650s Spider

McLaren P1 - Nurburgring Nordschleife 2013McLaren P1

The folks over at designboom recently had the chance to check out the facility and talk with McLaren’s Head of Design Robert Melville and Executive Chairman Ron Dennis.

‘We’ve approached the MPC planning and construction programme in the same rigorous and detailed manner as we would start a grand prix season.” Said Dennis.

“Every aspect has been considered, and solutions resolved, whether it be on the production facility’s timing and layout, the local sensitivities regarding the practical, logistical and environmental impact of the new facility, or how we deal with details such as keeping the site and surrounding roads as clean and as traffic-free as possible.’

The facility is described as being more like an ‘operational theater’ than a traditional linear factory, whilst still maintaining a linear organizational flow for the production line.







/DRIVE also took a tour and shared their take on the facility:

You can check out the full picture set and detailed breakdown over at Designboom.


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