Previously, SolidSmack reported on Norwegian designer Stian Korntved Ruud and his commitment to carving one spoon per day for a full year. While carving 365 entirely unique wooden spoon designs in a year is dang impressive, artist Roxy Paine’s recently-opened art exhibition ‘Denuded Lens‘ is up there with the rest of them for ‘cool stuff done with wood’.

The artist, who is known for both his love for organic natural processes as well as those controlled by machines (and combining the two in his works) has released one of the more interesting takes on wood we’ve seen in a while.

‘Checkpoint’, which is the piece at the center of the ‘Denuded Lens’ exhibit, is a large-scale diorama of a full-scale generic airport security checkpoint.

Created using processes including CAD modeling and even hand carving, the work forces an eighty-foot scene into a perspectivally-forced eighteen feet. The all-to-familiar network of conveyor belts and metal detectors are softened with an even maple hue and allow a user to examine the complicated tangle of objects unrushed…unlike in the real world:

“Metal and rubber are transformed into soft-hued maple wood…and the moving, living moment of human experience becomes architecturally frozen in time. Decontextualized through these physical distortions, and devoid of the expected human pulse, Checkpoint turns the prosaic into poetry, both in form and in content. Here, a mundane and potentially menacing space becomes a fixed point of quiet contemplation.”

While the piece certainly carries a powerful social dialogue with it, the process of recreating objects out of wood that are traditionally hammered, injected and cast with multi-million dollar machines is certainly one to admire:










If you’re in New York City through October 18th, you can check out the exhibit in-person at the Marianne Boesky Gallery.


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