Known for being almost impossible to carry around without a gig van, the last thing that any drummer would expect to be able to carry on their back is a drumset – particularly for impromptu acoustic jam sessions.

But heck, what if they could? The cardboard DRUMKIT from OBILAB music just might be the best thing since sliced bread for spontaneous drummers on-the-go.

Having already found success with an initial short run manufacturing experience last year, the OBILAB designers have spent the past 8 months refining the design of what is quite possibly one of the most interesting uses for cardboard in recent memory – including a functioning durable kick pedal:

Made with fiberglass reinforcements that both add durability to the cardboard as well as direct a player to optimal hitting zones, the traditional kit includes a kick drum with pedal, a snare, a high hat, and a tom-tom. Impressively, all of this fits into a rectangular backpack that also doubles as a stool when the kit is assembled. For those looking for an added punch, an electronic module with rubber pads can be added for amplification via headphones or an amplifier without compromising the portability of the set.

Says the OBILAB team on the durability of the set:

“We believe music should be accessible to everyone and (realize that) we have to legitimize the DRUMKIT as a unique and new instrument, not a replacement. That said we are aware that cardboard has a bad reputation when it comes to resistance and lifetime. Our challenge is, therefore, to let people know that adding fiberglass on the DRUMKIT makes it even more resistant than a traditional drum skin.”

Find out more about the $134 kit over at Kickstarter.


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