Vehicles concepts fall into a category all of their own. They are different than other products in the sense that they are, in general, 95% styling and about 1% design, with 4% common sense/luck, in my opinion. Toy vehicles are usually some sort of a generalization of what a designer thinks a vehicle is and what the manufacturing process will allow them to produce.

The concept vehicles for the these episodes are unique in the sense that they are atypical of kids free-play exploring adventure toys. Episode 6-­9 concepts are based on an existing toy system and the last episode is a general kids fantasy spaceship meant to be plastic molded or metal formed or cast.

Episode 6: Having Fun

In Episode 6, I cover the idea of having fun when you are designing a product. Start out with a wide open view and explore your options. You are designing a toy and it should be fun and imaginative.

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Episode 7: Value Shadow

In Episode 7 I cover problem solving and tonal value of the base markers I apply to the Sport Utility Vehicle design. I discuss how Industrial Designers have to think about and solve mechanical and production issues associated with the products they are designing and why this is an important skill.

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Episode 8: Details

Episode 8 deals with the details that make up a Euro-style, Semi-trailer, rear-engine, fuel cell-powered race truck concept. The details are what create the visual interest of the design–It’s what draws your eye to the design and tells the story of the technology behind the concept and and gets kids to dream big.

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Episode 9: Random Color

Episode 9 is a Military Artillery vehicle that I use for a completely arbitrary color approach. Since it’s camouflaged I indiscriminately apply various shades of green marker to the page to make the paper completely green, then pull the vehicle details out of the page to reveal the vehicles form and function to the viewer. It’s a bit like starting with a colored paper, but custom and allows you to create something out of nothing.

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Episode 10: Colored Paper

In the Final Episode I render out the MH-­67, a two man concept spaceship based on the famous SR-­71 Blackbird, on blue Canson colored paper. I illustrate how to use lights and darks to render the ‘Lemmium-powered’ sonic-stabilized craft.

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