A lot of people are finding out that 3D printing is just as much about the 3D printing software as it is about the 3D printing hardware. But it starts way before that, with software to design the object to be printed. The sole purpose of the Morphi App was to simplify 3D modeling for printing–to do away with the need of a desktop and mouse as the interface. Design, Print. It should be that simple, right? Well, if you’ve used it, you’ll agree they’ve done that. Perhaps to an extreme, but with their latest update, the mobile modeling app just got a bit better and, could it be, a bit more professional?

Last time we looked at Morphi, they had just released version 2.0 of their 3D modeling to 3D printing app that added drawing, clipboard, 3D printbed customization, improved model manipulation and Thingiverse upload. Two years in, they’re haven’t been any earth-shattering updates on the modeling side of things, but they’ve clearly been focused on making it easier to create models faster and getting it into the hands of students.

With the Morphi 2.3 update, the 3D modeling + printing app for the iPad and iPad mini, hints at pro-level usage with Adobe Creative Cloud integration for both download of .stl, .png and .jpg files, and upload of .stl to Photoshop. This allows you connect to your Creative Cloud account, download an image file, then create a 3D model through the Morphi Photo Album. Likewise, .stl files may be downloaded and modified or uploaded to Photohsop for 3D printing. Here’s what that looks like.

YouTube video

With this update, they’re also introducing an additional educational model to provide volume discount to schools, libraries and other institutions that desire to help students develop an affinity for 3D modeling and 3d printing while clearing any apprehensions they may have to either.

The Morphi app is free on iTunes for iPad/iPad mini, with in-app purchase for model packs and the full version with access to more features. The Morphi Edu version is $8.99, which is the full version for those participating in Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) for 20+ purchases. Versions for Android, Mac, iPhone and Windows are in the works.

These are great updates, but we’re anxious to see what they do on the modeling side and how they extend professional usage. The simplicity makes sense for kids, but with new the Creative Cloud connection, we’d expect some more advanced modeling capability, plus we’re pretty sure kids could handle it. Here’s hoping V3 steps it up a few notches. Is Morphi your choice for 3D printing app? What others should we be looking at?




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