Morphi is a free iPad app that allows users to quickly design and print items using touch alone; targeting younger people to inspire interest in design for all things 3D and artists/designers interested in taking a new approach.

Back in June 2014, we covered their first release and we’re fairly impressed with Morphi’s powerful set of features and easy-to-use design. We even covered how kids in an Indian after-school program were using it to learn more about 3D design.

Last month, Morphi released version 2.0, implementing new features and upgrades to create a more complete and easy-to-use app. So far the reviews have been completely positive (4.5 stars), lauding its intuitive UI/UX and noting no substantial bugs or problems. My own experience with Morphi was smooth. Here are the latest features in v2.0

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DRAW BUTTON – Draw and extrude 3D objects with your fingers using the Draw button. Combine drawn objects with other pre-made shapes/text in the app. Use the X and Y mirroring tools to perfect your drawn designs.

CLIPBOARD – Cut and paste objects from one scene to another using the new Clipboard button.

CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT – Your environment is important. Using the new Settings button, change the Background or Grid at any time to suit your mood or to inspire.

EASY UPLOADING TO THINGIVERSE – You can directly upload your 3D models in the Gallery to Wifi is required for this function.

Also included and/or upgraded in v2.0 are Better Alignment, Improved Rotation, Merge and Group, Enhanced Ruler, Simple Snap to Grid and Lost button

Although I prefer the sheer power of Rhino or SolidWorks so I can say “If I can imagine it, I can make it“, Morphi v2.0 strikes me as the perfect introductory app for your small ones or your friendly, CAD-illiterate artist friends. Two features I really enjoyed were the direct-upload to Thingiverse, which simplified sharing, and the choice of printing options. You could choose from a range of 3D printers, avoiding the common problem of ‘it’s too big for my machine!’

The latest version also offers a $3.99 ‘Shapes Pack’, but there is no other way of getting other models from elsewhere into the app. I do wish one could select and customize objects, which I believe is the real power of 3D Printing. Go for it in the next version, Morphi!