Well, they’ve done it. They’ve hacked into our brains. Barely a day after my neurons were all a-buzz with interstitial activity over the thoughts of the next-generation console as “mini-fridge”, Microsoft busted out a premier release of a CGI trailer for their new Xbox Series X Fridge and it’s slick!

Now I’m pretty sure they are not gonna be releasing a juiced-up super fridge to the masses, but with a video, description reading “Power Your Memes”, who knows to what end they might channel our thoughts!

YouTube video

Now to be clear, Microsoft is using meme culture in a tongue-in-cheek way to advertise their upcoming Xbox Series X console. For us the meme is already there, so why not capitalize on it and make a fun viral ad?

xbox series x fridge

The commercial plot is quite simple, “food for thought”. And the frig is packed with an array of foods depicting the broad genre of creativity and entertainment prowess possible using Microsoft gear. The scene is hilarious!

Through clever CGI your average sized Xbox X console has been transformed into a gigantic black refrigerator all aglow and sporting the Xbox brand logo. The music sets the mood as we are being drawn into the inner-world journey.

Once inside the food is the does the talking and we each make a mental connection with our favorite games and otherworld world experiences.

xbox series x fridge

For example, you’ve got your Doom Eternal steak and Valhalla goblets from some Assassin’s Creed. And right on cue with reading our minds, you’ve got a dish of Psychonauts 2 Jell-O brain. Gears 5 tomatoes and a host of other foodstuff fill out the rest of the fridge. And a product placement head nods his given via the Monster Energy drinks. The fridge is filled with treats all pertaining to different titles coming to Microsoft’s new game console.

xbox series x fridge

The Xbox Series X console looks tiny when compared to the fridge, but Microsoft isn’t fooling us – owing to the technology packed inside the unit in its own right is somewhat gargantuan. Finding just the right home for it could be a tad tricky as an under television presence may occupy too much real estate. The console is set to release on November 10th.

Finally, here’s to hoping Microsoft actually makes the fridge and gives the likes of Whirlpool and LG a run for their money! As it stands, the appliance industry could definitely use a shake-up. BTW, the person who thought up this ad, well, they could definitely use a raise.


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