When it comes to adopting new technologies, master homemaker Martha Stewart is up there among the best and most comfortable in not only using the new technologies, but also finding unique ways of using them. Among other methods of adoption, the iconic media personality and lifestyle icon has used a drone to plot out her farm property and has introduced a 3D printing 101 guide to her legion of followers on her website.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stewart was also seen at this year’s CES conference talking to MakerBot’s then-CEO Bre Pettis about what 3D printer she should use in her office, among other high-tech gadgets that she was shopping for.

Today, it was announced that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. is partnering up with MakerBot to offer their signature color palette and designs in MakerBot’s surprisingly-active Digital Store.

The company joins other powerhouse brands including Sesame Street and Hello Kitty in offering licensed content via download to the home-based manufacturer.

“3D printing allows for cost-effective product design without compromising artisanal character.”

The lineup includes three new filament colors (Jadeite, Lemon Drop and Robin’s Egg) and an initial collection of four houseware designs including a coaster, a napkin ring, an LED votive holder and a place card holder.


Regardless if you’re in the market for a 3D Printed coaster that comes in Jadeite, Lemon Drop or Robin’s Egg, the move further opens up more discussion centered around downloading licensed content…and more specifically, how can larger brands monetize on downloadable at-home manufacturing?


You can check out the collection over at MakerBot’s Digital Store.


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