It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on BLACKHAND, who has since taken a break from his famous matchstick creations to focus on less flammable projects. His latest work isn’t as grand as the others but it’s definitely going to interest you if you enjoy playing racing games on your mobile phone.

Using pieces of wood, metal bearings, and some string, BLACKHAND creates a portable steering wheel controller which allows you to play your favorite car games without blocking the screen with your grubby fingers. Let’s break it down:

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1. Make The Frame

DIY racing game controller

To create the frame which holds the phone, glue multiple small pieces of wood together. He omits putting two corners on the top of the frame so the phone fits easily. Lastly, he drills a hole in the center so the frame fits in with the rest of the controller.

2. Craft A Sturdy Backboard

DIY racing game controller

So the controller will stand on its own, he glues two pieces of wood to a makeshift backboard. BLACKHAND drills two holes into the backboard and fits corresponding ball bearings into them: one small hole and bearing for the phone frame, and a bigger hole and bearing for the steering wheel. He puts a wooden peg into the center of the phone frame before fitting the whole thing into the small hole at the top of the backboard.

3. String For A Steering Mechanism

DIY racing game controller

The whole premise of this controller is to get the phone to tilt without actually touching it. To do this, BLACKHAND puts a staple on a large wooden peg and ties some string around it. The ends of the string are then tied to the bottom half of the phone frame so, when the large peg is turned, the phone tilts with it.

4. Make It Look Like A Driver’s Seat

DIY racing game controller

With the mechanism finished, it’s time to make the controller look more car-like. BLACKHAND adds a makeshift speedometer and a temperature gauge just above the large peg and crafts a wooden steering wheel which he glues to the front. He could definitely paint on some racing stripes on the backboard but for the sake of time, an unpainted controller will do.

5. Take The Controller Out For A Spin!

DIY racing game controller

Now for the moment of truth: playing an actual racing game.

Driving a virtual car using an actual wheel definitely looks like it feels more immersive than just tilting your phone by its corners. The controller makes sharp and long turns easily, plus you’re able to see the entire screen.

While you wouldn’t bring this controller with you everywhere (it looks like it might break if you stuff it in your bag), it’s perfect if you want to relax at home and play racing games on your phone. As always, BLACKHAND’s YouTube channel is chock-full of DIY projects you can easily do at home.


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