Would you wear socks lined with silver? What if I told you they prevent your feet from smelling like they’ve been soaking in food scraps? I know; I didn’t believe it either. How could lining a piece of clothing with metal eliminate foot odor?

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As it turns out, the Silver Ankle Socks is not the first piece of silver-lined apparel by BeClothed. These socks in particular are made with a mixed weave of pure antibacterial silver, cotton twill, and spandex to make a springy, breathable, and odor-absorbent sock base. We don’t look at clothing design too often but this intrigued us.

That combo of materials, however, doesn’t quite answer the question of how it absorbs (Repels? Expels?) your odor now, does it?

silver ankle socks

Apparently, the silver weave breaks down up to 650 types of bacteria that come into contact with it. The bacteria’s cell wall is then reduced so it can’t create the oh-so-pungent smell commonly associated with sweaty feet. Only 21% of the Silver Ankle Socks’ body composition is silver, so you don’t need to fret that they may feel like tiny chainmail around your toes.

68% of the socks’ composition is made from cotton twill, while the remaining 11% is spandex. This more than offsets the silver weaved into the Silver Ankle socks and makes them comfortable to wear – just as any pair of socks should be.

Apart from the material composition, the Silver Ankle Socks has a few more extra features which double down on the comfort department:

Double Stitched

silver ankle socks

For starters, they are double stitched at key joints to handle the wear and tear from daily use. This goes hand in hand with the reinforced heel grips and the cushioned soles which give you some thickness at the bottom of your feet.

Trapezium Toe Tips

silver ankle socks

Trapezium toe tips let you wear any sock on any foot (though you can bet I would label mine accordingly because I like consistency).

Ankle Collars

silver ankle socks

Lastly, the Silver Ankle Socks are fitted with subtle ankle collars which hug your ankles. If you’ve ever worn ankle socks, you’ll know how some pairs constantly have you pulling your socks up in the most inconvenient time. These slight elevations to the socks not only make them easy to put on, they prevent them from falling entirely. This is a godsend feature and I really hope they incorporate this technology into all ankle socks from now on.

The Silver Ankle Socks currently have a funding of $34,000 on Kickstarter – which is way past their initial $2,500 goal.

Different tier pledges allow you to buy a pair for $19, two pairs for $29, four for $45, eight for $79, sixteen for $149, or a whopping 30 pairs for $249. I doubt you’ll need that many pairs of socks, or maybe you do. Either way, prepare to not stink.

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