With 3D printing services popping up like dandelions across the nation, and UPS, Amazon and other major retailers hopping on the bandwagon, 3D printing is becoming more available to consumers. Home printer quality is hit or miss, to be honest. Even printers made from M3D, a bigger company, have their own share of issues. I have the original M3D printer, and I have yet to get a successful print out of it. Fortunately, the company is looking to remedy any problems with their newly announced M3D Pro.

This new model aims to offer a more efficient and reliable 3D printing experience and to bridge the gap between consumer and commercial use. The company took account of customer feedback on their older model, adding some much needed features. The M3D Pro comes standard with a heated bed and a larger build volume allowing objects as tall as 7.8″ to be printed. They also made improvements to the print speed, accuracy, and recovery – the printer can recover from a failure due to power outages, pauses, and jams.

“We’ve designed the Pro to have all of the capabilities of a commercial printer at a cost consumers want. It’s the natural next step for the industry, transcending the limitations of casual use and allowing users to create more practical, everyday objects—whether it’s a customized print to add that finishing touch to a cosplay outfit, printing out a difficult-to-source part for a budding DIY project, or everyday household goods,” says M3D CEO Michael Armani their press release.

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With the M3D Pro’s new hardware, on paper, it is a step up from the company’s previous models like the Micro 3D printer. Packed with two ARM-core processors and over two dozen sensors, it monitors different functionalities like temperature, filaments, and speed for a quicker and more efficient printing experience. But what about replacement parts and applications? Most 3D printers are limited to what it’s compatible with, but the M3D has third party support for both filaments and applications (Finally!). It’s compatible with all industry standard 1.75 mm filaments and accepts standard G-codes when it comes to apps. There’s also free M3D software available for both Mac and Windows.


Sounds good, but what about the price? M3D wanted this new model to not only perform better, but remain affordable. The M3D Pro will be available for $500. Still quite a lot of money for some–many don’t have that much laying around for a 3D printer–but compared to professional printers that cost more than $1000, it’s a bargain. Still, all that money, and the M3D still lacks an enclosed print area? Well, the size does provide some creative options. I found that a basketball display case can house the M3D printer I have, protecting the print from ambient air, breezes or dust.

Pre-orders for the M3D Pro start in August, so make some room in the your budget if you want one of these in your home. This M3D Pro printer seems like a deal. Maybe I could trade my original M3D for one of these?



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