The blades buckled beneath the yarn. Paws were not meant to be that dexterous, but his training in the textile arts had surpassed even that of the nomadic mural weavers of old. Together with his swordsman-like bladework, he would weave a scene like never before, a scene threaded with these links.

Oh Ji Hoon – I love absolutely everything about Oh Ji Hoon’s illustrations. Amazing complexity in other worldly scenes of ancient cities mixed with a surreal future.

A Fresco – Actually multiple frescos, created by mural artist Patrick Commecy who can turn a bland building or streetscape into another time.

Top 5 TED Talks – Chris Anderson provides his top 5, then others chime in with theirs.

Rogue One Celebration Reel – Yes. Yes. YES. A new Star Wars Rogue One trailer.

Boba Fett Coffee Table – And then there’s this fabulous piece.

Pen & Ink – My recommended Instagram follow of the week. Alfred Basha creates incredible work.

Micron 6-pack – And these are the pens he uses, plus my favorite pens ever. Super deal at a tener.

A Viking Goodbye – A man builds a massive cardboard Viking ship to say farewell to his 20’s. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to ask why.

True Size – What’s the true size of countries? This interactive map will reveal it all as you drag them around the globe.

Foxtype – Their IDE interface highlights word syntax as you write it, plus other handy typing tools.

I Forgive It All – From Tom Petty’s new album Mudcrutch, starring the fabulous Anthony Hopkins.


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