Everything looks cute when it’s miniaturized. But when it’s made out of LEGOs is jsut LOOKS PLAIN AWESOME. YouTube creator The Brick Wall specializes in making LEGO Technic builds, and his newest set demonstrates the magic that is a fully functional firewood factory – complete with a delivery truck and log splitter.

How is wood cut with LEGOs? The process is much different from how it’s done at an actual mill:

1. Deliver the Logs

LEGO Firewood Factory

A LEGO delivery truck delivers a stack of “logs” to a wood sorter where it dispenses the wood one log at a time.

2. Cut the Wood Into Workable Chunks

LEGO Firewood Factory

The logs are then pushed down an aisle where they meet the first of two cutters. The first blade is a frame saw which cuts the log into sizeable chunks. Since these are LEGO parts and not industrial-grade machinery, it takes about 56 seconds to make A SINGLE horizontal cut ?.

LEGO Firewood Factory

3. Split The Wood Chunks Into Pieces

LEGO Firewood Factory

The wooden stumps are sent to another conveyor belt where two stationary blades split them vertically and horizontally. Unlike the frame saw, the wood is just pushed towards the two-way log splitter and once finished, falls into the collecting receptacle below.

LEGO Firewood Factory

You can then use the wood to fuel your miniature (LEGO?) fireplace or make some tiny furniture for your action figures to sit on. Practical? Not so much

YouTube video

The Brick Wall’s YouTube channel is full of LEGO Technic projects which make complex solutions for the most menial tasks, but nevertheless they sure are entertaining to watch.


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