When you’ve removed the saw dust from your hand, stand up from the table and realize your hand is still there, it may be time to think about prosthetics and a different cutting device. One that involves laser. Lasersuar from Nortd Labs is an open source laser cutter that can bring all your desktop cutting dreams to life. It’s the perfect size for a small lab and best of all, it’s launching open source.


The Lasersaur is a collaborative project with the goal of providing a safe, accurate machine for makers, artists and hobbyists. The unit has a 24″ x 48″ work area, is just over a foot tall and can already achieve resolutions of 0.1-0.03mm. It’s capable of cutting acrylic, balsa, leather, cardboard, glass, MDF, plywood, steel and yes, even tissue.

To get an idea of the build (and see a great example of why Terence Tam’s open source construction system will be so popular) check out this build video that also features the ATR-like, 8-bit ruckus of BSK.

What’s awesome, however, is the speed…

You know you want one. Nortd Labs is working on the project, currently in the beta phase, with plans to launch into open source later this year. They already have the manual online and if you support the project you get access to the CAD model. You can receive Beta access, help contribute to the project for a mere $32 and see more production photos on their Flickr stream. Thanks to Ion for sending this in and convincing me he will soon be enjoying cutting cityscapes into leather pants and wearing them around town.


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