Filed under awwww, Crayon Creatures mixes Elmer-glued 3D Printing and the drawings of your young ones, allowing you to figure their scribbles out and genuinly exclaim, “OHHH, it is a Giraffe!” But, there is a challenge – how does one stick it to the fridge? Magnets and more Elmer’s glue, but really, there’s no need as this is a great way to make a fun toy for the kids. How many children have a custom purple Giraffes? NONE, that’s how many.

A+ Good Effort, Little Jimmy – Ms. Slater

Crayon Creatures is picking up one of 3D Printing’s bigger advantages – customization of a product to suit your specific memories. Like blankets with your wife’s photo, or coffee cup with ‘R.I.P. Rover’. Like most people, every single, random scribbling will be preserved forever by Mom or Dad. This new service certainly adds definition to… whatever the heck it is… but more importantly, it adds an extra dimension to your childhood.

Behold, it’s a Hamster on a Speedboat

CrayonCreatures-013 CrayonCreatures_Hamster_SpeedBoat_011

So this is how it works. You send Crayon Creatures a scan of your child’s masterpiece. They then inflate and contour the double sided image (you do not have to force your child to make two sides – imagine trying to explain why.) The finished model is sent to a ZCorp 3D Printer, printed, packaged, shipped and opened up by your child, who has completely forgotten drawing it, has zero interest and WHOOPS. Dropped and broken it anyways.

These memories can be had for 99€ + 15€ ($150), which can be brought out at appropriate times to be shown at family dinners when the new girlfriend is brought over and your Mom talks about how cute you were when you were 3 years old.